Diabetic Retinopathy Declaration Signed

Diabetic Retinopathy Declaration Signed

The Diabetic Retinopathy Summit, which the Trust hosted in partnership with the Public Health Foundation of India in April, was regarded by all attendees as a significant step towards tackling what is set to becoming a leading cause of avoidable blindness.

The aim of the Summit was to agree a shared national strategy to tackle diabetic retinopathy in India, and included panel discussions, presentations and workshops by leading experts in eye health and diabetes, as well as government health ministers.

The Hyderabad Diabetic Retinopathy Declaration was signed by all delegates. It sets out what needs to be achieved by the parties and states their commitment to work in collaboration at national and local levels, between all stakeholders and sectors. The Trust will support the delivery of specific aspects of the plan over five years.

Dr Astrid Bonfield, Chief Executive of the Trust says, 

The Trust is delighted to have the commitment of so many influential eye health experts, alongside the Indian Ministry of Health, to combat this escalating problem. This declaration sets the essential framework for the establishment of a national plan in India to tackle diabetic retinopathy. We hope this plan can be replicated in other countries across the Commonwealth in the future.